Upcoming Shows

New Players’ next production is: will be “The Vicar of Dibley” directed by Damien Reid.

Production Dates: 24 July – 04 August 2018

Scripts are available from Damien Reid burnmatchentertainment@gmail.com. Cast details are below and please note that the ages specified are indications of stage-ages not actual age of actors.

Cast of Characters – Principals

Geraldine Granger – Vicar
Late 30’s. A Rubenesque woman strong comedic timing.
David Horton – Committee Chairman
Late 40’s early 50’s. Balding pompous.
Hugo Horton
Late 20’s early 30’s awkward, sweet and endearing.
Alice Tinker
20’s, great comedic naivety needed but also some strong emotional acting.
Letitia Cropley
Late 60-80. A bit of a Mae West type both in her past and present. Bonus if can play piano.
Jim Trott
50-70 shorter man grey grizzled stubble and with an interesting stutter and minor speech impediment.
Frank Pickle
50-70, prim and proper bore with OCD. Recently out of the closet but not so much that you would notice.
Owen Newitt
40ish tall farmer, inappropriate and slightly offensive. Good singer.

Cast of Characters – Supporting

Reverend Pottle
80s. Brief cameo at the start, dies on stage.
Cecil Harrington Caprin – Choir Master
30-50. Very socially awkward.
Tristan Campbell- TV Producer/Directer
30-50. Suave.
Ruth – TV Head of Photography/Camera Operator
30’s/40’s. Confident attractive.
Suzie – Speed Dating Facilitator
30s/40s. Over enthusiastic.
Steve – Male Model
20s early 30s. Tall and attractive.
Hetty – Female Model
20s early 30s. Tall and attractive.

We are also looking to fill backstage positions for this fabulous comedy. Want to help? You will get a warm welcome from Ross at ross.j@xnet.co.nz. We need lots of help with wardrobe especially for Alice’s wedding dress (comical) and the Vicar’s costume.

Get involved – this is going to be fun!